Thumping to sound in opposite ear

Posted by lolac68 @lolac68, May 20, 2023

This is super strange to me. I have intermittent pulsatile tinnitus. I have been to my ENT and a couple of MRIs completed. No cause deter.ined. I also had sensorineural hearing loss in both eats (right worse than left), but latest hearing test shows this has mostly resolved. What I'm experiencing now is very different. If I have my earbud in my RIGHT ear, even turned very low, I can hear thumping in my LEFT ear with every syllable/sound. I often wear my earbuds in one ear only, but switch ears frequently. I listen to things at a reasonable volume, and notice this even if I turn the volume down to the point that I can barely hear. This thumping only seems to happen if the earbud is in my RIGHT ear, causing thumping in my LEFT. Thoughts?

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My kid had pulsatile tinnitus and it was hard to detect the fistula in her brain. She had a CT angiogram and that didn't find it so they did the old-fashioned physical angiogram through the groin up to the brain. Then she had a separate procedure to insert coils to block off the fistula- basically a malformation of blood vessel pattern in a small area in her brain.

This may not apply to you at all. She had a brain injury beforehand. But pulsatile tinnitus may need neurology or interventional radiology to make sure. Again, not sure this is relevant to you at all.

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