Throat lump

Posted by mayogirl7 @mayogirl7, Feb 2, 2020

On a recent visit to my primary care dr I mentioned a lump on my throat just under the jaw. It's not painful and has been there for months. He was cavalier about it, since it hadn't grown and wasn't causing any other symptoms. My derm doctor prescribed an antibiotic saying if it doesn't clear up not to let it go and he'd refer me to another doctor.

Have any of you experienced something similar with doctors? I am not sure what to do or if it's serious or not. I'm 72 yo and in great shape and follow a healthy diet. My only health issues are low thyroid and gerd.

Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated.

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Hello @mayogirl7 and welcome to Mayo Connect

While I've never had a lump as you described, I would certainly follow up for a second opinion just like your other doctor suggested.

It is always a prudent idea to follow up regarding any lump on your body. You say it has been there for months. Are you aware that it has grown or caused any speech or swallowing difficulties?


Hi, @mayogirl7 – I'd like to also welcome you to Mayo Clinic Connect. I think I'd be curious about pinning down what it was if I had a lump in my throat.

A few members who have mentioned lumps in the throat or something similar in themselves or a loved one for a wide variety of reasons may have some input for you, such as @daddyof4 @anderrandy @brookealm2. @alpaca and @lioness may also have some thoughts for you.

Could either of your current health issues or medications for them possibly be producing your symptoms?


@mayogirl7 Thanks Lisa for invite I'd like to add my welcome also. The lump you described should be seen on my opinion by a ENT It doesn't sound serious as there are limp nodes or something else that a ENT Dr can help you with He is the expert here This is my suggestion to put your mind at ease


@mayogirl7 It is good the lump hasn't grown but I agree that you should ask to be referred to an ENT. It's probably harmless but a neck lump should always be investigated.

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