Throat infection new symptoms

Posted by onetime @onetime, Mar 31, 2018

While I was on vacation I got a terrible sore throat and I was very convinced that it was strep because one of my friends had strep. I went to a clinic and the doctor said I didn’t have strep and that it was just a viral infection. After a few days my sore throat subsided but yawning is still terribly painful. I also just started noticing that there is a small amount of blood in the saliva/mucus I cough up.

Is this still the infection or do I have something more serious?

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Hi, @onetime. Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. So sorry to hear you have had a terrible sore throat and then painful yawning and some blood in your saliva.

A few other members who have talked about illnesses in the throat or other related illnesses might have some insight for you on what that may mean, like @teresatopeka @jodeej, @needtoknow, @kgoodwin9 and @joant10. @hopeful33250 may also have some thoughts.

@onetime — are you considering going back to the doctor, or calling in or portal messaging them, if that's available?


Hello @onetime

It sounds as if you need to have this checked out given the many symptoms that you are having. Did the original doctor you saw do a throat culture? Are you running a temperature or do you have any rashes?

I would encourage you to contact your doctor.

I look forward to hearing from you again.


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