THR, Anterior Approach - 3 week mark

Posted by leigh60 @leigh60, Oct 1, 2016

60 yo, female
Total right hip replacement, anterior, 3 wks ago. Able to walk unaided, but limping and joint pain when walk. Muscle pain & burning in thigh and side of hip.
Question: How long b4 joint pain when walking and muscle pain subsides? I am due to have same surgery on Left hip in 23 days. Thank you.

Had second (left) total hip replacement anterior surgery 10/24/16. Currently at 11 week mark. Unfortunately, I continue to have more joint pain now than I had pre-surgery.
Ortho doctor is suspicious of a deep joint infection (there is no sign of infection from outside, as all healed nicely and no swelling). I have had two blood tests for sedimentation rate and protein. Both were elevated, which is an indication of infection. Next was a visit with musculoskeletal radiologist for hip joint aspiration of joint fluids. I am awaiting results.

Question : Has anyone experienced this ?

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Hi @outspoken – Welcome to Connect. Not sure I'm following but I think you are saying you had a THR 3 months ago. Is that correct? How is it going? Wishing you the best!

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