Thoughts on lid wipes

Posted by howdi @howdi, Aug 16 4:06pm

Does anyone like the eyelid Cleansing Wipes?

I just did tried them and I like that they make my tired eyes refreshed.

One eye had shingles a year ago and I still have pressure and an inflamed cornea in that eye. I was hoping the wipes would help me keep the lid area clean.

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…sorry just a quickie answer but I needed eye wipes but did not use them as for lower "lids" too and had to use them on skin between the inside edge of the area on the "eye side" before the lashes and I knew I could not wipe without getting the cloth into my eye …. but optom. told me that I could during my daily shower (which i am thankful can still have) to wipe off the closed eye/lashes with plain water or a tiny bit of soap/rinse while eyes still closed; however, with your eye issue of inflamed cornea I hope someone else here who used them successfully can give advise: were they recommended for use by your "eye doctor" ? good luck with it … J


My husband uses baby shampoo on the cloth when he showers and it helps…good luck !


I have a recurrent problem with styes. One theory is it may be due to a mite allergy. I found these wipes which are fabulous. They are multi purpose. I really like them. The wipes are quite large so I usually use one side for my right eye and the other side for my left eye. Also, from time to time, I use the wipes to freshen my face as it feels really good. They contain tea tree oil which has natural antibacterial properties. Hope this helps.
I got them on Amazon and here is the link:


I bought them accidentally. I quite like them.

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