thin walled blood vessel causes brain bleed

Posted by ccozad @ccozad, Sep 25 8:58am

In December, 2015 I had a brain bleed caused by a thin walled blood vessel. Recently I had my annual physical, my Dr. prescribed a medication, can't recall the name of the medication, but when I asked him what it was for, he said to enlarge the blood vessels. I asked him how this might effect the thin walled blood vessel I imagine still located in my brain,(located outside the sack)? He indicated, "Great Question, never asked that before and should check with Neurology), so, I am asking, would this drug have an effect on a thin walled blood vessel causing the vessel to leak, or burst ?

Hello @ccozad, You are asking a great question and one I would certainly ask if it were me. Unfortunately we are not medical experts or doctors and cannot answer these type of questions. I understand that this is very troublesome that you didn't get an answer from the doctor who prescribed the medication even though he said it was a great question. Have you thought about talking to the pharmacist or asking the doctor again maybe suggesting or asking if he can find out for you?

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