Thickening of the Bladder Wall.

Posted by david2dave @david2dave, Oct 6, 2021

What are the long-term chances of survival with the thickening of one's bladder wall?

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Hello @david2dave and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. As I read your post, I'm assuming that you are experiencing this problem, is that correct?

I did a google search and found an article that listed several reasons for the bladder wall to thicken. Please read the article and see if some of these reasons apply to you,

If you care to share more, how long has this problem existed? How does it affect you in general? Are there any meds or other treatments that your doctor has suggested?


I have read that article before but did not find it to be helpful regarding my question. I did not find out that the wall of the bladder was thinking until about a year and a half ago. But I probably had this condition long before. My urologist dodges my pointed questions. I am on Tamsuklosinn and Myrbetriq. But how long will it be before it progresses to the point that it becomes life treating and Is there is no cure? Thanks for responding to my post.

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