The “wages” of success.

Posted by thumperguy @thumperguy, Mar 31, 2021

I often have a particularly productive evening neb/vest session. A few minutes in, I begin morphing into a coughing, spitting, sneezing, mucous machine which, from appearances, one might think must be hell bent on dehydrating itself.

And the now riled-up nasal/thoracic structures masterminding all the clamor are in no mood to suddenly go quiescent just because I switch off the power driving the therapeutic contraptions. No, they come along wherever I go for the next quarter hour or so. Then finally, happily, the coughing and sneezing and spitting subside and baseline appears on the horizon and I’m sufficiently recovered to put the experience into words which, I suppose makes this onerous ailment I share with so many of you a bit more tolerable. Don

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Hi Don – I love your description – I hate the process – I know I shouldn't because all that coughing and snorting is what I need. Unfortunately it happens too often when I am trying to do something else, or among people who look at me like I'm Typhoid Mary!
Hope you're having a good day – I'm out with my friend and examining which plants survived the winter, trimming some, and trying to id all our native groundcovers with an eye to eliminating grass throughout the park where our winter home is located.


Typhoid Mary. Yeah, especially in the era Covid.

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