The Rehabilitation Process for a TKR

Posted by dkapustin @dkapustin, Mar 9, 2019

Hi everyone,

I’ll be 7 weeks from a TKR (right knee) on Thursday and am curious about the rehab process regarding soreness. I go to outpatient rehab 3/week and do my exercises at home 2/day along with stretches 3-4 times per day. This program was designed by my PT team and they considered the fact that I had a lot of swelling still and did not want me to do too much per day because that would increasing swelling and pain, while decreasing ROM. With that said (I just wanted to be clear because many people would suggest that I increase my exercise routine per day and for me, that’s not recommended.) After each session, I am always sore so I elevate and ice. I take my pain meds and then, I start it all over again and it’s basically rinse and repeat. Day after day. Week after week. For those of you who have this procedure done, when does the soreness start to ease off after excreting? I realize that everyone is different but it’s maddening to want to crush your physical therapy and move on with your life only to find your so sore its disheartening. I know it takes a year to heal, etc etc but this soreness is driving me nuts. I’m probably being impatient but I feel like a hamster on a wheel. Help!

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Thanks, Amanda. The first TKR was Nov. 2019.

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