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The Rehabilitation Process for a TKR

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I’m 5 days in to my second TKR. Had my left knee done two years ago with positive results. I could bike 20 miles 4-5 times a week but walking for exercise got difficult because, of course, the other knee went south. This time out, I’m having a far less painful recovery, for which I’m grateful. I have only had to take one hydrocodone, am relying on 650 mg Tylenol every six hours.
I got very good results with the first knee, never stopped doing my therapy but I always wondered if you had to push yourself to the limit in the early days, when the knee is so swollen? I’m wondering what others’ docs say in this regard? I’m of the mind this time to let my knee lead me to knowing how hard to push myself. The knee I had replaced two years ago is at 125. Thanks for any input on PT. Good luck to all who weather this surgery. It’s tough and no two knees are the same.

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Hi @cstucky and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I value the fact that you are sharing your story. As you see I have moved your post to a discussion that is talk about exactly what you are discussing.

When was your first knee replacement?