Test results

Posted by kellybelter @kellybelter, Feb 19 12:43pm

My husband just saw and doctor and his blood test came back with high monocytes and high red blood count. Does anyone know what that might mean? The doctor hasn't called back yet and I am worried.

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Always seek the easiest, most logical explanation. RBCs can be high if you’re dehydrated. So don’t over-react to that value. Elevated monocytes could be a lot of things like a bit of infection somewhere. If he has fever that makes Inflammation or infection something to rule out. If he has swollen glands in his neck they would rule out Mono. So there’s no easy answer. The Doc takes those blood test results and connects them to any symptoms and decides whether he knows the answer or needs more data.

Patience 🙂


I find a good Google search is a big help to me...good luck !


Like @ pb50 says “Always seek the easiest, most logical explanation.” It could be caused by a medicine he's taking or any number of reasons. Nothing good happens from worrying. Assume it's not important until told otherwise by the doctor.

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