Teriparatide (Forteo Generic) Use & Side Effects

Posted by leeosteo @leeosteo, Sep 24 1:06pm

Does anyone have experience with using the generic form of Forteo? That would be Teriparatide by Alvogen Inc./Pfenex Inc. – FDA Approved in 2019). Did you have any side effects? Any other issues?

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I've been alternating between generic Alvogen and brand Forteo. I haven't expereinced a difference between them. I haven't had any negative events.
I'm waiting for summer in Colombia to get my $300 Forteo, only because it is less than the 736$ Alvogen at Rite Aid. Maybe you had luck with RX Advocates.


gently, thanks for the response. It's good to know that you haven't experienced a difference between the brand and generic version… and that you can switch between the two easily. Unfortunately, my insurance carrier is dropping the brand version in favor of the generic version in 2024.

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