Tamoxifen side effects

Posted by mamaof2 @mamaof2, Jan 13 10:00am

I was “lucky” to have stage 1A breast cancer that only required mastectomy without radiation or chemo. But taking the tamoxifen while being premenopausal has been no fun, physical side effects are mild, but the anxiety, scatter brain, forgetfulness, and unexpected rage are really bothersome. I also have inattentive ADHD (already with the racing thoughts, now worse) and take adderall which helps some but definitely not great yet. Did anyone experience this and find something, med or otherwise, that helps?

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Hi @mamaof2, welcome. I'm tagging @coffeesd @stephtubman and @kalola808 who are also young adults living with breast cancer.

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@mamaof2, I assume from your username that you have 2 kiddos too. It must be especially difficult to deal with all these side effects and staying patient with your 2 children.

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