Taking Antibiotics After C Diff + Fecal Transplant

Posted by janderson0725 @janderson0725, Mar 19 11:56am

My husband had a severe case of c diff approximately 10 years ago. After multiple failed rounds of vancomycin, he underwent a successful fecal transplant at Mayo in Rochester. He has not taken any antibiotics since his fecal transplant but unfortunately he now has a sinus infection that he cannot get relief from and is considering taking antibiotics for it. Has anyone taken antibiotics successfully after c diff/fecal transplant without c diff reoccurrence? Was the dosage/length of prescription altered in any way? Did you take probiotics (and what kind) with the antibiotics? Thank you!

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I recently had C-diff from antibiotics and I too was terrified of taking any antibiotics. Like your husband I did need some but my GI gave me low dose vancomycin to take with them . I did get diarrhea but negative for toxins. Another thing to consider is I had it more recently-November. Overtime colon flora restores and repairs itself according to my doctor. I would consider contacting your GI about your concerns and whether they recommend concurrent medication or biotics . I very much hope this turns into a uneventful recovery.


I had cdiff in 2018. After several relapses after taking vancomycin, I received the fmt in March, 2019. It was successful but I, too, worried about needing an antibiotic in the future. I researched online and found a few that were considered less likely to give you cdiff. One of them was zithromycin or zpack. I have taken zpack at least twice without any negative impact. I also take visbiome, a medical probiotic, and saccharomyces boulardii, alternating between the two probiotics every day. I hope this helps.

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