Swollen Tongue no one knows why 2

Posted by rikierikk @rikierikk, Oct 30, 2018

Hi, my name is Rikk. The past year I have had a problem with my tongue swelling. It started with the dentist. I had teeth pulled from top and bottom. After all the necessary procedures to obtain partials for both top and bottom, I had not worn them for more than 5 days when bone shards (only on my bottom gums) had started to penetrate through the gum. It was very painful and I had to literally break them off myself to have instantaneous relief. At the beginning, the shards had consistently cut the bottom of my tongue causing canker sours and scaring. After a time of constant cuts and abrasions, I was unable to ware my bottom partial due too the shards. Real short. I had inadvertently tossed my bottom partial away. This was the beginning of what now seems to be running my life. I cannot get a new set of partials now because of the swelling. Because of this, a considerable amount of time has passed. In this time, I have seen specialists in orthodontist surgeons, my dentist, to ENT specialists, none who can tell me what the problem is. They just don't know why my tongue is swelling. I have had soft tissue cat scan, all is normal. any ideas? ENT had prescribed a steroid with an anti-histamine that seemed to start out somewhat ok the first 2 to 3 days. by the end of the treatment, 4th and 5th day, it stopped working. Buy the way this was my idea for the meds, as they had no idea what to do. I had read it on the internet from a person that had problem with his tongue. OK here is the final. My tongue swells so much that it touches both sides of my cheeks. (remember I have no bottom teeth starting at my second bicuspid on both sides) This is what confuses everyone. The center of my tongue is hard. no soars or cuts, cracks or discoloration. It's hard right in the dead center going all the way from the tip to the back. the edges of the tongue that actually sit under my teeth when relaxed is normal and soft. So imagine a rim all around the edge of the tongue about 1/4", being normal and the center, starting at the tip fanning out as it makes it's way back as hard as a callus. This makes it very hard to talk and swallow. It's running my life. Well that's the jest of it. Anyone?

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Hello, @rikierikk – how are you doing? The tongue swelling you talked about sounded very bothersome, and I can imagine it would be frustrating to not get any answers on why it might be occurring. Are you still having the tongue swelling?

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