Switching brand name and generic drugs by different manufacturers

Posted by aliali @aliali, Jan 20, 2020

I have been diagnosed with major depressive disorder. My antidepressant is a generic that contains the same chemical as Cipralex. It is called Depralex and is manufactured in Saudi Arabia. The manufacuring has ceased. I tried other generic (Citoxal, made in KSA also) and causes me a terrible relapse. I had to get Depralex again. Depralex now is no longer available in the pharmacy. My physician suggested to switch to Cipralex. He said it is highly reputable and safe to use. I am still worried to switch, as the relapse is highly intensive if it were to occur. So how was your experiences with switching from a generic to a brand name? I have to decide what to do within two months i.e. before I consume the remaining quantity of Depralex

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I've never noticed any difference between brands, though I do always read paperwork that comes with any medication. But if you've found that one works better than another, good for you. A good pharmacist would probably be a good resource for you in understanding variations.


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I think there is a misunderstanding here. I can tolerate generic drugs that are made by only certain drug companies, When a pharmacy switches the drug company that manufactures the same drug in a generic form I notice a very big difference. Some of the generic manufacturer drug names are not effective at all for me!

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