Switching doctors.

Posted by pigletpmd @pigletpmd, Nov 6, 2019

I am freaking out. My psychiatrist started seeing me through teleconference and my insurance refused to pay. So I have been switched to a new doctor and I don’t like her. She’s hard edged. She immediately said I had to start taking less klonopin for my anxiety, which is horrible. I’ve been taking 4 mg daily spread out. She doesn’t like that I stay up late to watch tv and sleep late in the day. I’m on disability because of my anxiety and depression. How do you deal with a doctor that’s pushing you around? The situation has sent my anxiety through the roof. I see her for the second time later this month.

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I can so relate, had the same experience. I live in a rural area in Florida, there are two psychiatrists in my county. My first visit I was a mess, crying and could not stop. He never asked why I was so upset nor did he ask if I was suicidal. What?! He diagnosed me with OCPD without me ever saying a word! Gave me a book on it, adjusted my meds and said see ya in a month.


I forgot to mention that he immediately cut my Xanax dose in half.


@pigletpmd Have you been able to ask your insurance why they will not cover a teleconference? Can you appeal their decision, stating this dr is someone whom you have a good rapport with? Did something happen that now a teleconference is the only way to see this person? It must be frustrating, and scary, to feel like you need to start over again, after there has been progress, isn't it? I hope you can look in to this and report back to us that it was resolved.


Finding a good psychiatrist is a once in a life time thing. I moved and lost my “ once in a lifetime “. Unfortunately we have to settle. It seems like the new thing is to take you of of your anti anxiety medications. My new psychiatrist nurse practitioner took me off my klonopin right away. My visits with her causes me more anxiety than my everyday life does. I dread my appointments with her but I need her to fill my prescriptions so l
Have to deal. It is sad but this is our mental health care .


Mental health care is still in the dark ages in many medical communities, a sad commentary on the stigmatized lens through which society and health professionals look at mental health. Are you required to have to deal with only the nurse practitioner, or can you see the psychiatrist? If you generate more anxiety from those visits, perhaps you need to see another psychiatrist, or in the absence of another psychiatrist, a general practitioner who can get you leveled out pharmacologically. I have taken clonazepam for over 25 years, and do not understand the reason why people are taken off it, cold turkey or otherwise. I am aware of a campaign about getting off drugs, even those which are not causing issues to the patient. Find a doctor. Insist on seeing a physician before placing yourself in the care of a nurse practitioner. You have rights. You have an obligation to be your own advocate. Find a therapist. A therapist can guide you to competent medical care. You are worth it, and if you ruffle some feathers, so be it. You are not running for Miss Congeniality, you are taking care of you. A very high calling. Hang in there, and don’t take any crap from anyone just because they have a prescription pad. Don’t mean to sound harsh, but confrontation appears to be timely. In this holiest of seasons on both the Christian and Jewish calendars, I bid you grace and peace…

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