Swelling of vulva, increased white discharge, bartholian cyst.

Posted by abbeylouise @abbeylouise, Oct 9 10:56pm

I’ve been struggling with issues now for 3 years and I’ve just found this website so I’m praying someone can give me answers as I’ve been to over 10 doctors and over 5 gynaecologists and no one can seem to figure it out.
I had sex with someone and he gave me chlamydia, I got that treated but I still have symptoms persisting so I’m thinking I’ve got something else but everything I’ve been tested for seems to all be negative.
My symptoms are;
Dryness – can’t get wet
Bleeding during sex /between periods
Swelling of vulva
Abscess in groin- bartholian gland – started 6 months after other symptoms, and has reoccurred every six months since
Swollen lymph nodes
Discharge- thick white, sometimes yellow tinge, sometimes creamy, frothy
Had chlamydia- same symptoms since sleeping with this person never went away
UTIs- frequent urination and a heaviness in my pelvis
Small white bumps on labia -pimple like
Did have foul vaginal odour- went away since taking probiotics which masked that symptom

Please if anyone can give me answers 🙏🏼

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So sorry for all you are going through. I can only help with the bartholin gland. STD’s can lead to a cyst in the bartholin gland, I chose to have a marsupialization to remove the cyst. For years it would get infected and then drain on its own, but it would keep getting clogged, so I finally opted for the surgery. Quite surprised that your doctors haven’t brooched the suggestion.

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