Surgery or no sugery

Posted by kate4damian @kate4damian, Jul 24, 2019

I was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor. I have seen one specialist. He reports by looking at my MRI only that I have a low grade glioma that can be monitored or I can get a biopsy to know the specific kind of tumor it is. I can also get it removed with some chance of having permanent weakness to my left arm or left body. I do have an appointment for a second opinion and have opted to get the biopsy but am torn on wheather I should just have it removed. Anyone with the same diagnosis,how did you decide to have it removed or just live with a tumor?

Hi @kate4damian Welcome to Connect. While I am saddened to read of your healthcare journey, I am glad you are here with so many other patients and their families and friends on Connect.

My wife was faced with a similar situation. She had an unidentified mass on her brain. The doctors said the only way she would know if it was cancerous or not was with a biopsy. One doctor said 'just live with it and skip the biopsy', but that was not the kind of person my wife was. She opted for the biopsy. Her personality was such that she knew she would be unable to just ignore it without knowing what was going on in her brain.

Now I realize each patient is unique as is each of their cancers so what she did is only what she did — and not any kind of medical advice.

The doctors ended up doing the biopsy and due to her situation also then followed up with a resection. They couldn't get it all, but they got a lot of it and they believe that helped her down the line in her situation. Due to the type of tumor they were unable to conduct any additional surgeries along the way for her.

Certainly a tough decision and hopefully your second opinion will be enlightening!

Is yoiur follow up appointment soon?

Strength, courage, and peace!


Hi, @kate4damian – just wanted to check in with you and see how things are going lately? What did you decide on surgical removal of the tumor?


No, I am going to have an other MRI in 2 or 3 months and see what's happening. I am not comfortable with a surgery. I am boosting my system, avoiding sugar to starve the cancer cells if any.

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