Consent: How can I be sure my surgeon will be doing the surgery?

Posted by pjebp @pjebp, Sep 26, 2021

How can I be sure my surgeon will be the actual one conducting my surgery and not a resident/fellow?

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Reading through some of your previous posts I see you’re having your surgery done at Mayo-Rochester. You couldn’t be in better hands! Every doctor that I’ve encountered at Mayo has been forthright in giving honest and direct answers.

Usually there is a consultation with the surgeon and at that time you can confirm that he/she will be performing the procedure. It is a teaching hospital so it’s not unusual for a Fellow to be present. But you can certainly request that your surgeon of consult will be your attending.

You also have a patient portal by now, so it is very easy to ask your team direct questions regarding your surgery. Have you met with or consulted your surgeon yet?


Hi @pjebp, I hope things are going well in Rochester. Have you had a pre-op consult with the surgical team yet? Were you able to ask this question about which surgeion will be conducting the operation? I'd be interested to hear what you learned.


Thanks for asking. Yes, I had my pre-op consults today. My surgeons answered all my questions. I will have a colorectal surgeon doing my LAR and also an urogynecologist removing my fallopian tubes. My colorectal surgeon told me he was going to be doing the primary surgery, although some other team members might do some minor things but only under his direct supervision. My other surgeon said he would be doing the primary surgery himself. This is understandable and I'm okay with it. They both personally went over the consent form in detail with me and seen very confident in their abilities and I have put my trust in them. The last proton beam radiation is tomorrow, my surgery is Monday morning. I'm very much looking forward to getting this behind me.

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