Posted by JK, Alumna Mentor @contentandwell, Jan 3, 2020

I came across this on Facebook and I think it's very valuable for all to know. Doctors rarely recommend many supplements simply because they are not regulated, not because they get paid off by the pharmaceutical companies. This is something we have to be very careful and conscious of.
Supplements can be dangerous. I have heard of far too many problems from using them. This does not pertain to all supplements. I assume if they have the USP seal on them that they have been approved and are safe, at recommended levels — key there, recommended levels.

I listen to Dr Susan E Brown regarding bone health at Better Bones.
She believes there are 20 vitamins and mineral that are essential for good bone health.


Good article and reminder for everyone. I don’t take supplements other then Calcium and D for the reason that they are unregulated.

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