Does a wedge help with nighttime acid reflux?

Posted by cblue @cblue, Dec 10, 2022

My regular G.I. doctor has been following me for what appears to be some loss of or total loss of esophageal function. Differential was achalasia. I had consult with endoflip and bravo. Ph results Suggested fundoplication might be necessary. First wants change in medical intervention (recommended early dinner, ichange in meds.Also wants wedge 20 degree angle .
Main question to group: he suggested a wedge how to I don’t know how to find a wedge really works to help with the nighttime acid reflux. my temporary wedge using something for my husband‘s back surgery doesn’t seem to be working though I think I’m doing it correctly. Saw an ad for med Klein reflux reflux relief relief system. Expensive but looks like it might be more comfortable any news about that or any suggestions about what type to buy?

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I bought a wedge pillow by Sleepnitz on Amazon. It's very comfortable, 7.5" high at the highest end.

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