Sudden Hair loss, Hot spots of rash and blisters.

Posted by mjgn8vyc @mjgn8vyc, Aug 27 11:34pm

Hello, when my children moved away I seemed to have developed sudden hair loss and very sore burning spots on my scalp where my hair had fallen out. I seem to have persistant daily flair ups and feel sharp irritation in the areas of the issue. My hair is not falling out now but I can't get rid of the rash, I have been using ketoconazole 2% shampoo but I'm not sure if its working. Scheduling a doctors visit Monday anyone has this issue before. I suspect stress from them leaving and my sudden change in location (moving across country) along with my age and loss of my wife 3 years ago helped to cause this.

Interested in more discussions like this? Go to the Skin Health group. I have the above, rare autoimmune scalp disease, Are places on your scalp almost round in shape? I applied a very strong steriod ointment on my scalp and it finally started healing and little hairs are growing back it. If your scalp looks like this, please for a referral to a dermatologist. If the biospy shows what you have then you will probably start on that cream. My scalp had burning spots too. It is a rare disease, so ask your doctor for a biopsy. I knew before because my young dermatologist has a photographic memory! I don't want to gross you out. One of the symptoms is that the spots feel like they are burnng!


Hi @mjgn8vyc and welcome.
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When did this start?


I’m June after my son moved out to Arizona I was alone and had a few panic attacks that might have started it, but I had very long hair and I was always wearing it in a pony tale. I think multiple things happened, heat from a sona, a chemical type burn on the crown of my head. Never happened before, new medication that raised my heart rate too much had to stop.


Started to use a steroid solution and it has stopped the burning and itching for now.

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