Successful treatment of recurrence?

Posted by bethf @bethf, Mar 8 11:46am

I had successful treatment in 2021, completing in 2022. Whipple, adjuvant Folfirinox 6 1/2 months, brief SBRT for undetermined hazy mass in pancreatic bed. I have been NED for 10 months.
Now my markers are going up but scan is stable, no tumors or metastasis. ctDNA went from negative to positive. I am considered to be MRD–minimal residual disease and doctor is looking at a clinical immunotherapy trial I may very likely be eligible for.
My question is what are members' experiences with recurrence? Any success in beating back the disease? Anyone go back into remission? Is it worth doing chemo again at a time when my quality of life is excellent? Anything you have to share would be much appreciated. Beth

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No advice, but thank you for sharing your story. Finding out more about the trial seems worthwhile. You would get a lot of information if you were to look into the clinical trial option. You would not be obliged to have treatment after getting all of the information about the trial. Good luck.

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