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Posted by janeanon @janeanon, Mar 11 6:09pm

My mother was the one that filled out the online application for me for Mayo clinic. I honestly didn't think I'd be accepted. I'm going mid April and I just don't want to get my hopes up.
I've been having some serious problems for the last four to five years, I've exhausted most options, and have undergone numerous diagnostic tests.
I have nothing else left to try and my GP doesn't even have any ideas for what other specialty to send me to.
At this point I just self-manage as best as I can and I've given up hope of ever getting a diagnosis or medical treatment.
I'm just wondering the likelihood that Mayo clinic will actually be able to find what's wrong with me or suggest some sort of treatment. I'm wondering what percentage of cases that come in with no diagnosis leave with at least some sort of progress? When I read the forms here, it seems that most people come in already knowing what's wrong with them. It makes me think that my case is hopeless.

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@janeanon Welcome to Connect. I don't think it's possible to find a statistical answer as to what your results will be by coming to Mayo. You have to trust in the process and any clues you can give them may help them find a path to help you. I came to Mayo with a specific problem that other doctors were misdiagnosing. Any of the others could have solved it with the same surgical procedure, but they didn't understand the connection to the symptoms.

I found Mayo to be very different and encouraging and staffed by many compassionate people. They were also very efficient in getting tests done that they needed. Don't feel hopeless. I have had symptoms that took years for professionals to figure out. Just stay tuned, pay attention, keep record copies of your medical appointments and ask questions and advocate for yourself.



janeanon @janeanon

I am glad you got an appointment.

Keep watching your portal as get closer to appointment. There will probably be various questionnaires and forms to fill out. Filling out prior to appointment saves time when you arrive.

In the portal, under Account -> Settings -> Notification settings; you can customize how you want to be notified if you receive a message, request for a form, etc ....

Hope you find an answer.


Welcome @janeanon, I believe you will be glad that you have come to Mayo once you experience their team approach in addressing your problems. While I had my diagnosis before coming, one reason that I tried Mayo was a friend who had exhausted all local specialists with her very rare illness, but found a diagnosis and successful treatment at Mayo MN. She compared her experience to a restaurant, with previous medical facilities being McD's and Mayo a 5 star restaurant. I wish I had an answer for you about the percentage of undiagnosed cases that are identified by Mayo doctors, but I do not. While I was feeling isolated and out of place in MN on my first visit, a wonderful nurse who I will never forget told me "You have come to the right place. Our doctors will take good care of you.". And they have. I am cancer free at 12 years after my first appointment with a diagnosis that gave me a 30% five year survival rate. I believe I owe that to Mayo and a positive attitude that I was going to be in that 30%. So start feeling positive now, as tired as you are of doctors and tests and procedures, and look at this appointment as a new beginning that will potentially result in a healthier you. We should not give up our hope, as sometimes that is all we have. Please keep us posted.

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