Subluxation in middle finger middle joint and tendonitis

Posted by maryclaire651 @maryclaire651, Jun 22, 2019

I've got an old sports injury that has been diagnosed as a subluxation with mild arthritis…I also have tendonitis in both hands due to misuse of my hands. My hands hurt all the time and I use a pain relieving cream which helps but doesn't alleviate the pain. I did see a orthropedic and he suggested freezing the joint in place so it wouldn't move…I have really good movement of the joint so I hate to do that…I do have a lot of swelling underneath the last segment of the finger joint that connects to the hand so it makes it impossible to make a fist. This has been going on for the last five years or so. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

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Hi MaryClaire and welcome to Connect. I'd like to connect you with fellow members @patmckee and @wwill, who have experience with finger joint fusions. I think you might also be interested in these discussions on Connect:

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MaryClaire, you mention that you have tendonitis in both hands due to "misuse" of your hands. What repetitive activity did or do you do that led to tendonitis?


I trimmed very thick blackberry stems with a dull clippers…the pain used to go up my forearms but that has healed…and this was years ago…thank you for the links!

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