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finger joint replacements and fusions

Posted by @laury, Jul 14, 2012

I have severe osteoarthritis in my right hand. I would like to hear from people who have had joint replacements or fusions in their fingers because I am not sure which is the best treatment for me. Thanks



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Posted by @missysue, Aug 10, 2012

hi laury, i have severe osteo in many joints, some worse than others, have had reconstruction surgery on right thumb with carpel tunnel surgery. have to tell you the thumb reconstruction was a blessing for sure.
also have had a lot of different things done in my rt shoulder, was a hugh help.
a rod and screws in my lumbar spine, 8 m. ago, still getting better, lost a lot of pain there too. my rt big toe fused itself, no replacement done as surgeon said in time it would have to be redone, so i let it fuse. no i can’t bend big toe which is a tiny problem, now other toes getting crippled up.
my wrists are getting affected w/arth. but one thing at a time.
my close friend has rheumatoid arth. and a lot of surgery but most all has to be repeated.
ask your dr. what are all your options aside from replacements and so forth, don’t be in a hurry, decide if you can let fusion happen on it own and if you could live that way. it all depends on joint and what you want and expect. ask that dr. to discuss opions with you and what dr feels is absolutely necessary. hope this helps.

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