Would like hear from people with finger joint replacements or fusions

Posted by laury @laury, Jul 14, 2012

I have severe osteoarthritis in my right hand. I would like to hear from people who have had joint replacements or fusions in their fingers because I am not sure which is the best treatment for me. Thanks

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hi laury, i have severe osteo in many joints, some worse than others, have had reconstruction surgery on right thumb with carpel tunnel surgery. have to tell you the thumb reconstruction was a blessing for sure.
also have had a lot of different things done in my rt shoulder, was a hugh help.
a rod and screws in my lumbar spine, 8 m. ago, still getting better, lost a lot of pain there too. my rt big toe fused itself, no replacement done as surgeon said in time it would have to be redone, so i let it fuse. no i can’t bend big toe which is a tiny problem, now other toes getting crippled up.
my wrists are getting affected w/arth. but one thing at a time.
my close friend has rheumatoid arth. and a lot of surgery but most all has to be repeated.
ask your dr. what are all your options aside from replacements and so forth, don’t be in a hurry, decide if you can let fusion happen on it own and if you could live that way. it all depends on joint and what you want and expect. ask that dr. to discuss opions with you and what dr feels is absolutely necessary. hope this helps.


I also have osteoarthritis in both hands and I have had pins put in a couple finger joints to replace failed joints. One the tip of my pointer finger and one the middle joint on my middle finger. Both of these fingers work fine but the middle joint replacement has caused a loss of the ability to make a tight fist. On my other hand I have had the middle joint replaced in my other middle finger – so not with a pin but with an actual joint. This finger hurts constantly even though the surgery was 4 and a half years ago. I was supposed to have full range of motion with this joint but frankly that never happened and it is as stiff as the other middle finger that has a pin in it. Maybe joint surgery is better now but I wish I had never done the joint replacement and instead just done another pin.


i just had my knuckle on my right hand replaced in Aug. The surgery went well, but when they positioned my arm for the surgery, they forgot about the he rotator cuff tear and arthritis in my right shoulder. I have been scheduled to have a total replacement with reversal in that shoulder 3 times due to me backing out. The pain in my shoulder was terrible. Now,I'm scheduled to have surgery in March. I never want to have pain like that in my shoulder again. The knuckle has gone fairly well, but it squeaks. Loud. Like a duck call.The pain has been reduced, so here we are. Is it perfect? No. But it will due.


I have a Dupuytren's contracture of the ring and little fingers of the right hand. I stumbled and broke the fall with this hand fracturing the proximal phalanx near the PIPJ of my right hand little finger . Unfortunately the fracture did not heal well and the joint became frozen. I had this replaced with a hinged silicone joint. After 12 weeks, the joint still does not bend passively or actively. Additionally the DIPJ of this finger has little passive movement and little active movement. The entire hand is stiff and swollen in the am. My hand surgeon is suggesting a fusion of the PIPJ. I just don't know if this is the best thing to do. What limitations would I have with a fusion in terms of playing the piano, typing, gripping etc.

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