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stress eating

Posted by @lwolters, Aug 17, 2011

Have found myself out of control eating. My job has become very stressful and I know I am emotionally eating but can’t stop.



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Posted by @tkv, Aug 21, 2011

I know how that is. I found myself at a crossroad in life, not sure if ohappy,sad,scared,fear of change. So I used reliable food. Food for comfort,to feel good for a fleeting moment. I’ve always loved food and I have never been a tiny thing generally about the same chubby size my size,me. But over the last year I feel like I have no control, not even thinking about what I eat. Whatever I want. It’s like whatever. Its like I woke uppo yesterday and nothing fit, I feel really out of wack,40 lbs of extra me with no place to fit me. I have to get me back out , but i find it much harder to focus . I feel weak, Im not weak, but when lonly, or happy, or depressed show up with potluck and your Hungary and its so comforting , its really not ! Nothing Taste As Good As Feeling Comfortable In Your Own Skin. My skin don’t fit. HELP


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Posted by @afternoonnapper1, Aug 22, 2011

Oh boy can I understand where you’re coming from. I love food anyway. Food just seems to disappear when I am stressed and/or depressed. Food is comforting in more ways than one—it actually does affect the brain’s chemistry, so we get something out of it in that regard. However, I’ve put in lots of work to learn that it’s not actually the food that we want. Often it’s love, comfort, consolation, recognition, etc. When you’re reaching for the tasty treat, spend a few moments sitting with your feelings and trying to figure out what it is that you REALLY want. If you can figure that out, spend your time and energy finding ways to bring what you want to fruition. Update the resume, look for a new job, hunt for a class to acquire new skills, call a friend, do a hobby. The eating won’t stop immediately, but being more aware of what’s going on inside will help. And make the effort to stock the house with carrots or apples or raisins—things that won’t be quite as detrimental to your overall health as pizza, brownies, and all the other “soul soothing” things.


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Posted by @somayajulanikhilesh, Sep 27, 2011

get yourself tested for thyroid and diabetes,u can have endocrine disorders if you dont control your eating under stress…i too had same problem…

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Posted by @tilly, Oct 4, 2011

Stress makes me want to eat, too. Overeating works very well for me as a way to calm down and relax. I like feeling full — it’s like the opposite of stressed out and anxious! Here’s what I’ve learned: there are other ways to relax that don’t have calories. Lately I’ve used a meditation tape to relax in the morning for 10 to 20 minutes. It helps. I think the important thing is just trying to relax in some way besides eating until your stomach is too full.


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Posted by @brownde, Aug 24, 2012

I will try that. My husband passed away and I am stress eating too. A lot of carbs! I hear good things about meditation.

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