Strange Rash

Posted by randyste @randyste, Sep 22, 2019

Hi everyone, I was diagnosed in February at Mayo with Fibromyalgia and for me it definitely affects my skin. I have had mild roseacea and eczema my whole life but now it is extreme. My face and upper torso particularly go very red and hot and tingly randomly during the day, sometimes when I talk and great sun sensitivity.

Well over 2 weeks ago out of the blue I got an all over body rash primarily on the front of my body, bright red, not raised, but very painful. It will not go away. Docs in philly have had me on prednisone, topical steroids, antihistamines, etc. nothing is working and it is not going away. I am absolutely frustrated. I am wondering if this could be a fibromyalgia flare??? Anyone ever had anything like this? Absolutely nothing
has changed in my diet, household products or routine. I am ready to throw in the towel locally and fly back to Rochester…

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Is it itchy or just a rash? The reason I ask is I have been diagnosed with Grover’s disease which presents as an extremely itchy rash. It comes out of nowhere and the spots are red. Some people have more pain than itch but most have extreme itching. It could be Grover’s. It’s also autoimmune in nature. There is a forum here relating to Grover’s here on the skin issue forum. Scroll through.


Thanks for the reply. Some itch but mostly tingly and painful. The itch is not overwhelming but I am going to look up Grovers right now. The only other clue I have that I was not at all alarmed about was about 4 weeks ago my kidney level creatin levels were elevated to 1.44. Dr wanted to repeat them with and was planning to but could not while on steroids. Dr was not alarmed said I could have just been dehydrated that day. I will look up Grovers

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