Strange Chest Symptoms for a Month

Posted by tess0831 @tess0831, Apr 8 5:34pm

About a month ago now, I started getting a dull, constant pain that felt like it was behind my sternum. It was coming and going on a daily basis, and seemed to feel better when I would eat food, but then come back. Some background– I’m a 26 year old female, no underlying health issues, and while I do eat fast food or “junk food”, I mostly have a healthy diet. About a week after that pain started, it shifted into a pain that felt like it was moreso in my lungs, and I started to feel a dull pain sometimes when breathing in deeply. Again– comes and goes, but for the most part it’s a consistent annoying pain throughout the day (felt moreso with deep breaths). Since it turned into more of a “lung pain” (I use quotation marks because I’m not sure if it’s my lungs or just feels like my lungs– I’ve had no trouble breathing) it hasn’t seemed to improve when eating food as much as it did before. As of right now, it bothers me dully throughout the day, but I’m still getting the pain when breathing deeply, some days worse than others. Again, no trouble breathing or any other symptoms, and I’m sleeping well. What bothers me most is that it’s gone on this long (4 weeks now) which seems unusual, and with what’s going on now, I don’t want to go see a doctor unless absolutely necessary. A lot of what I’ve seen online tends to point to it having to do with acid reflux (which I do get sometimes based on what I eat)– but again, could that cause a constant chest issue for 4+ weeks now? It seemed to come on suddenly without any major diet change, which is what steers me away from that a bit. Thank you in advance for any and all input! And I do plan to see a doctor once the COVID-19 pandemic starts to slow down (hopefully), if it keeps persisting.

Hello @peaceharmony, welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I’m happy you’re here and joining the discussion. I read that you’re having constant chest pain on the right side since March 31st. Can you describe the type of pain or share any other symptoms? Have you chatted with your provider yet?

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