Strabismus Surgery and Motion Sickness

Posted by avmcbellar @avmcbellar, Sep 22, 2020

Has a successful strabismus surgery i.e. the eyes becoming realigned resulted in a decrease in motion sickness for anyone? I am hoping the surgery will correct my diplopia to decrease the motion sickness. Toni

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Hi Tony @avmcbellar, I was hoping other members who have had the surgery could share their experience. Does your surgeon or doctor think the surgery will decrease or get rid of motion sickness symptoms?


Hi John @johnbishop. Thanks for asking. Yes, my surgeon believes my eye misalignment is the cause of the motion sickness. What I don’t know is if the motion sickness is entirely to blame for the motion sickness. I haven’t heard from people claiming a decrease in motion sickness after their surgery. Just curious to find out how much the surgery helped in that area. I know some people had lived with strabismus for many years without any surgery. I appreciate your help. Toni

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