Strabismus and Neuroplasticity

Posted by avmcbellar @avmcbellar, Sep 18, 2020

Has anyone tried to correct their eye alignment through vision therapy or eye exercises? The eye exercises are a form of neuroplasticity.

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@lynniecat haven’t your doctors conduct tests to determine the cause of your double vision? I have heard strabismus sometimes coming back. Knowing your medical history, your doctors should be able to provide you an explanation. If you are not comfortable with the diagnosis always get a second opinion. It might mean traveling for a second opinion but it may be well worth it.

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They think it’s likely it’s just coming back and I will try prism lenses. I have enjoyed contacts most of my life so it’s an adjustment. It prisms do it work then possibly surgery again. It’s worst when I am tired. I find that I cope by closing one eye. It may sound strange but it’s on the lower end of my priorities. However I do wonder if it’s actually a symptom of increased intracranial pressure. I have a ruthless cleft cyst that extends to the optic stalk but does not compress it. Well at least it did not at the particulate time of the MRI.


@lynniecat your doctor should be able to tell you if a prism will help your vision depending on how the images are twisted between the two eyes. I don’t remember the name of the device but it displays green and red dots. At two different appointments my ophthalmologist had me look through different prisms( 8 total each visit). They offered no help. At my 3rd appointment he used the device to tell me that a prism would not help my double vision because of how the images were twisted. Have your doctors assessed if the nerves controlling the eye muscles of each eye are working properly? In my case, in one eye 2 muscles were not working and therefore could not focus on the same image as the other eye. I do the same in order to see one image. I have to shut one eye or use a patch.
Does the strabismus cause motion sickness or imbalance problems for you? This puts a limit to my activities. I am hoping the surgery will help. My neuro ophthalmologist seems to think so as well. Hope you find answers to decide what is best to do.


I do have motion sickness – never put it together. Along with a persistent head turn.

Well the prisms worked for a month then the double vision started with the prisms so they thought to strengthen the prisms but my eye started severely turning —after all these years. But now the eye I’m no using heads out vs in.. So it’d surgery now. I worry it’s bring affected be other issues. My childhood strabismus started at 8 – unusual.

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