Stopping Paxil and VMS (sweating)

Posted by dcypherzzz @dcypherzzz, Oct 26, 2023

Female 73. Always healthy. Weened myself off of Paroxitine (Paxil antidepressant) last spring. Started sweating at odd times. Now waking up at night sweating. Vasomotor Syndrome? Then I read that stopping Paroxitine can cause sweating. I told my doctor last summer but he inferred my age was the cause. Perhaps this medicine "broke" my temperature regulator? Hypothalamus? Why is this happening to me? I'm going to start taking it again anyway as my depression is returning. I've read antidepressants help VMS...? Same time last summer my blood glucose levels shot up. I got that under control with diet. Could stopping Paroxitine after ten years cause this? This is awful for me!

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