Stomach issues I’ve been suffering with for years with no help!

Posted by cotton @cotton, May 22, 2019

I have been having a stomach problem I can’t find an answer too as to why I get extremely sick at my stomach every time I have a Bowel Movement, my GI Doctors I have seen say they don’t know why this is happening to me just that it is a complex issue the Doctor doesn’t seem to understand how very sick I get It doesn’t matter if my stool is normal, diarrhea or constipated I still get the awful nausea..I have gastro esophageal motility disorder & gastrointestinal motility disorder and bile induced gastritis..I’m feeling desperate to stop this bathroom issue…The medication my primary Doctor has given me for nausea doesn't help…. I would appreciate it so much if anyone has this problem if you would share your problem with me & what you do for it & WHY it is happening…Thank you all so much..



@lexiloulou Hello Kelly,

I'm sorry to hear about your recent C Diff diagnosis. As you well know, that is a troublesome problem to have. We have a discussion group for C Diff and there are lots of fellow patients with this problem and you might find help as you read their stories. Here is a link to this discussion group,

I would also like to invite @nurseheadakes to this discussion. She has posted some great ideas for dealing with C Diff and I'm sure her posts will be helpful as well.

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Thank you

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