Stomach cancer at 34

Posted by juand @juand, 6 days ago

Hello im Juan and was told December 14 that I have gastric Adenocarcinoma, i am 34 years old and starting chemo withing the next week or so. My oncologist says the treatment will be intense. I'm very nervous about treatment but i also would like to get cured of this.. anyone here has or has had a similar experience?

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Hello Juan well sorry to hear about your stomach cancer I also had gastric adenocarcinoma diagnosed in March of 2022 I had 4 rounds of chemo FLOT than a pet scan and my surgeon said chemo really was killing my tumor so he had me do 4 more rounds of chemo FLOT total of 8 I had side affects such as hair loss of course,nausea and nerapathy in my hands and feet than had my surgery which was a total gastrectomy full stomach removal in August it's only been 5 months but I am cancer free so it's all worth it listen to your oncologist keep up on fluids and eating well and try and stay active and a positive attitude it really helps. Before surgery I weighed 190lbs today I am 156lbs and holding my surgeon told be I could loose about 30lbs he was pretty close. I could go on I look at the Mayo Connect every day so I will look forward to your post to see how you are doing take care stay strong. Dave

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