Stem Cell Therapy for Rotator Cuff Tears or Arthritis

Posted by peterauen @peterauen, Feb 15, 2017

I understand that the Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine Department offers stem cell therapy for patients with rotator cuff tears. Where can I learn more about this procedure and decide if I am possibly a candidate for such a procedure? I am 74 years old and have been diagnosed with a total rotator cuff tear. Thank you.


Spouse has a complete tear of the supraspinatus with two centimeters of retraction. Been to several Dr.’s in the area, getting mixed advice, not interested in getting surgery. She is 69 yrs. old plays lots of tennis, and golf. I guess my question is, if no surgery, can PRP, and poss. Stem cell relieve pain enough to return to former activity level? Lastly, if surgery were to be done, are better results possible if PRP & Stem cell treatments are part of the treatment?

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I had Prp $500. and stem cells $3500.- put into 5 joints – // Did not expect this to cure Bone on bone knee. But!, felt Rejuvenated – reborn! stood straight – ease of getting into car. etc. in March '18 // / Finally got new Knee – in Aug. '18, –Then after playing court v-b in morn and shoveling dirt Under citrus tree in pm – caused a fracture in hip. in 11/18. = New Hip. Ok, w Each surgery, every med. personnel – PT – OT everyone! was Astounded by my mobility within 24 hrs. of surgeries! Went up and down a flight of stairs on 2nd day. I'm over 70. Was it stem cell or cause I play some v-ball, go in ocean – pools, a little walking? U tell me?

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