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Posted by Roger Landers @skier, Apr 26, 2021

Just joined Mayo Clinic Connect. What is the status of Mayo Clinic's Pain Rehab Program? Is it active or shut down because of COVID-19 restrictions? If so, what's the time line for opening up again, when and new guidelines to follow? I'm very interested in the program and have started the process, but have no knowledge of current program status. My primary physician will be sending a referral soon. Looking forward to update. Thanks.

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After graduating from Mayo's PRP, what tools and techniques are available to grads to keep the holistic approach to chronic pain management alive? I'm most interested in the mental, emotional and behavioral approaches, once completed the in-person program.

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@skier The Pain Rehab Center (PRC) offers aftercare opportunities. Every Monday Dr. Sletten hosts a 1 hour open forum for graduates questions and concerns. He offers support and reiterates PRC tools and principles. Currently this aftercare is virtual due to COVID, but was originally in person at Mayo. Meeting with Dr. Sletten means it runs through your insurance. The next option Mayo offers is a private PRC Facebook support group of graduates. There are aftercare private zoom meetings, also held on Mondays at 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm, around Dr. Sletten's meeting. The coordinator of these meetings meets with fellow graduates at 1:00 to gather any questions then joins Sletten's zoom to get answers. At 4:00 she meets back with the group to discuss. This private opportunity is endorsed by Mayo, however does not run through insurance.

In addition, PRC sends you home with a manual that encompasses everything you learned in the 3 weeks, plus more (it's virtually my bible). You will also have your notes from class, worksheets, handouts and other books (PT, OT) to guide you. You go home with daily planners and create your own 2 week plan (schedule) to start. You will have access to yours Dr., PT, OT, and Nurse via phone and email.

Hope this helps.


Wow, excellent reply, with many details. Hope i get accepted!



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