Starting Bendamustine and Rituxin for Follicular Lymphoma

Posted by valandsheri @valandsheri, Jan 16 9:45pm

Hi – My husband has been diagnosed with Follicular Lymphoma and he will be starting treatment soon. He and his doctor have both agreed this is the best route for him. He is wondering how others have done with this treatment regarding side effects and quality of life during and after treatment. He is 75 years and in very good shape. He has a really good attitude too – I'm the one who is kind of panicking. He completed proton radiation therapy for prostate cancer almost 4 years ago and did quite well with it – but we're thinking this will be a different beast altogether. Any words of wisdom will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Dear Quimbie,

Thank you so much. I appreciate you sharing your experience and I will pass it along to him. I know he will appreciate it as well. When people like you that have been through it your words and experience mean so much to those of us traveling that road now. It helps us keep that good attitude that is so important. Thank you for your prayers. Always positive❤️🌻

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