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Stage IV Colon Cancer -- Need some answers please

Posted by @haveaniceday in Cancer, Oct 2, 2012

My sweet 87 year old mother was just diagnosed with Stage IV colorectal cancer that has spread to her liver. She also has congestive heart failure with significant mitral valve damage. Due to her age and health, they are not going to put her through the pain and discomfort of treating the cancer. I am so sad, I just can't stop crying, but have done well so far in front of her.

They have given her less than six months. She doesn't know quite how bad it is, but realizes it is serious and that there is no treatment for her.

She has not been in pain until this morning when she compained of pain in her back and stomach. She has also had diarrhea frequently.

Can someone tell me what symptoms she can expect, so I can be prepared to deal with that. I am assuming the cancer will progess to other organs. I'm not sure how soon that will happen and how long she will have a decent quality of life. I just really need truthful answers.

God bless all of you who are having significant health problems. This is so hard.

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Posted by @alexsimon, Oct 3, 2012

Dear Haveaniceday -
I'm sorry to hear about your mother.
Mayo Clinic does have some information available about the symptoms to expect:


Posted by @pammyj11, Oct 6, 2012

I am sorry to hear about your mother. As hard as it may seem to accept, due to her age and advanced disease process, I would strongly encourage you to look into your local hospice for advice and care. They are experts on just exactly this situation and will help both you and your mother through your individual journies. Quality of life at this time is much more important than quantity of life and hospice will help you navigate through this. Hospice is a benefit required by medicare and will hopefully ease both you and your mother. They are experienced with this, and contrary to what some people believe, hospice is not about drugging until you pass. It is about making the most of what time you have left, controlling symptoms, and providing for your mothers care. God Bless you both on your journey

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