Sputum Issue: Need Help

Posted by Sohail @sohail, Jun 15, 2017

Hello Experts:
I have issue of Sputum (Phelgum) from last 5 years. It started when i was having continuous tonsillitis infection with bad throat and fever and Doctors advised me to remove them with minor surgery but i took Homeopathy medicine and got rid of this issue. Now my tonsillitis are normal but i am having Sputum issue.
Sputum will come in my throat when i will sleep or not taking any food/drink. So i have to go to washroom to spit it out from throat normally in early morning /evening.
Please help me to get rid of this issue.

Hello @sohail! Thank you for joining us on Mayo Clinic Connect! We are an established community of members that share medical experiences and support one another. However, we are not Physicians or medical professionals. We do not offer any medical advice. We do have a lot of information at our fingertips that may help you in your research.

Considering the topic you have posted- You might find this particular conversation relevant http://mayocl.in/2ss2AUM.

@sohail, have you mentioned this problem to your primary care provider?

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