Splitting soles and pads of feet

Posted by jane28bowen @jane28bowen, Nov 16, 2020

What to do for itchy and splitting of soles, pads and toes. Bottoms of feet are red, scaley and itchy. Soles and pads are almost like leather. I do not go barefooted. This all started with legs covered with red and itchy bumps which I control with cerave cream with added medication. I would love some advice as to what is causing this.

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Hi @jane28bowen, wanted to welcome you to Mayo Clinic Connect and perhaps offer a little guidance for what has worked for me. Athletes foot can cause splitting of soles, red, scaley and itchy skin and red and itching bumps. I found that I was suffering from this and it was causing all the same symptoms you are experiencing. I started by showering first thing in the morning as well as using a light non-scented foot scrub, then I would spray Tinactin on them and cover with thick socks. At night, I would gently wash my feet and coat them with Gold Bond Ultimate Rough and Bumpy Cream and cover them with a fresh pair of socks. I did them for about 2 weeks and they significantly improved.

I thought you might like to read a couple of articles on how to help this condition.
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@jane28bowen, have you sought treatment from a dermatologist or a pediatrist?

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