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Splenic Cyst

Posted by @stew201 in Just Want to Talk, Jul 15, 2011

After having a CT scan with contrast for a post op mass, an unrelated 11cm cyst was found incidentally on my spleen. This finding has perplexed my primary physician and the hematologist that I was going to be referred to (I have an HMO). I am awaiting bloodwork to determine if the cyst is parasitic, but beyond that, I'm just told to take a wait and see approach if it's not parasitic. Does anyone have any experience with a splenic cyst? Isn't a mass that large on such a small organ dangerous?

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Posted by @lg2823, Jul 26, 2011

I had a CT scan with contrast 2 weeks ago for a lung issue and the radiologist found a 11cm splenic cyst as well. Will see my primary doctor soon to discuss next steps. Just wanted you to know someone else was out there! I will monitor this post and will reply again if I learn anything.


Posted by @lg2823, Oct 7, 2011

Replying to my own post to update. One surgeon advised wait and see; another advised surgery because of increased risk of rupture and not knowing what is growing inside the spleen. Splenectomy is in 10 days from now.

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