Is it safe to scuba dive without a spleen?

Posted by jpcowalker @jpcowalker, Nov 18 5:02pm

I thought I would throw this question out to see if anyone has already received an answer from their doctor.
I’m wondering if it is safe to scuba dive without a spleen? My spleen was removed just over a year ago so I am as recovered as I’m going to get. Thank you in advance.

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@jpcowalker Welcome to Mayo Connect – I see you have been waiting a few days for a response. Sometimes questions can be so specific or unusual that there is no one here with the experience to answer you.

I think perhaps that is what is happening here. As the wife of a retired diving instructor, let me suggest that you get a reliable answer to your question from someone familiar with the unique requirements for diving. The certification organizations each have a medical advisor. Contact either PADI or NAUI, and ask them to put you in touch with a doctor who has expertise in dealing divers and their health issues. Or check out the Divers Alert Network Health & Safety page:

Have you tried either of those avenues?

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