Spinal epidurals

Posted by sparklegram @sparklegram, Aug 31, 2019

Has anyone had a bad reaction to a spinal epidural? I had one 4 days ago. I seem to have lost my appetite, and have to take long naps during the day. I've had several epidurals over the years and never had a reaction like this.

@sparklegram Welcome to connect where we try to help with others about disease we have . I have had plenty of Epidurals but never had any bad reactions Talk to the Dr. and find out if it is the same medication this is where I would start Let us know ,we care at connect


@sparklegram I had a bad reaction to an epidural caused by the pressure of the injected steroid fluid that had nowhere to go. I had severe stabbing electric shock pains that went on for a couple months. They were every couple minutes at the beginning and as time went on they got farther apart. I refused to do any more epidural injections. They do have some significant risks, and are not approved by the FDA.


I had 3 on my neck and felt the pressure of the medication (very painfull), but I know that my neck was very swollen due to the pinched nerve. I remember telling my husband I will not do this again. I applied ice and took Tylenol and the next day felt some what better. By day 5 is when I really noticed improvement (about 50%). And now I say" yes, i will do injections again. Prior to the injections I have been miserable with neck, shoulder, back and leg pain for a looong time.

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