spinal cord stimulator vs. TENS unit

Posted by sharonwelter1 @sharonwelter1, Jan 2 1:21pm

Do these devises operate on the same principle?

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Hello @sharonwelter1, Welcome to Connect. In my non-expert opinion I think they are a little bit similar but a lot different in how well they work. Here's some basic info that explains it a little.

"TENS and SCS produce similar effects in neuropathic, inflammatory and non-inflammatory muscle pain models while MA is only effective in inflammatory and neuropathic pain models."
— Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, acupuncture, and spinal cord stimulation on neuropathic, inflammatory and, non-inflammatory pain in rat models:
There are some discussions you might want to read through to ask questions of members who have tried or are using a spinal cord stimulator or TENS unit.
— Comparison of Spinal Cord Stimulators from Boston Sci., Nevro:
— Spinal Cord Stimulation:
— TENS Units:
Have you been looking at getting spinal cord stimulator or a TENS unit to help with chronic pain?

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