Specialists at Jacksonville Mayo who treats CAEBV

Posted by jmwest248 @jmwest248, Mar 28 9:41am

I became sick with all covid symptoms 3 weeks after my shot in March 2021. Went to every type of specialists, lots of blood work, nerve and muscle testing with no answers except they agreed the shot triggered autoimmune issues or something. Eight months later my PCP diagnosed CAEBV and CMV with numbers off the chart. However she didn't know how to treat it. Seven months later, July 2022 I was diagnosed with early stage 1 breast cancer. Finished treatment Dec 2023. Now working with ENT who also specializes in Fibramialgia which I have. He did food sensitivity tests and enviromental allergy tests which shows allergic to most everything. I cut out a lot of everything. He has me on a couple meds and if course I have tried to cut out what I am sensitive to. His regimen of boosting the immune system and putting the viruses to rest has helped many patients. But I feel I am getting weaker and sicker. I lost a lot if muscle early on and in the last several months too tired to exercise whuch I know would help. Not to mention the mental strain. I was a very active 64 year old before the shot. Now 66 and feel like 86.

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