Spasmodic Torticollis/ Cervical dystonia

Posted by oakbourne @oakbourne, Mar 19, 2018

I need help with my condition: Spasmodic Torticollis

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Oakbourne, how long have you been dealing with the symptoms? Is surgery a possibility for you?


I have Spasmodic Torticollis, oralmandibular problems, can't smile, and I'm a retro left looker. I was diagnosed in 1990, and had the Selective Denervation operation in 2000. I was choking on multiple foods. Dr, Arce performed the operation and I did well until a few years ago. New neuro pathways are involved. Dr. Arce informed me that I'm a complicated case. No more surgery, and NO to Deep Brain Stimulation. I take 4mg of Klonopin in the morning because of pain and stiffness and I walk 9 miles in the afternoon and have nothing to take for the walk. My young doctor does not want to give me a 2 mg Klonopin for my 9 mile walk. She wants me to take Artane, but it makes me shaky. I have never felt normal, even before I was diagnosed. Always shaky, dizzy, and completely out of sorts. I was 37 when diagnosed at the Medical College of GA. I was given way too much Botox, 300 units every 3 months and built up antibodies. I now take Myoblock by this young doctor but it's hit or miss. Dr. Arce wants to do a Genetic Study on my kin folk. Most of my kin have/had essential tremors, oralmandibular shakiness and tightness, and something had to be in their mouth – cigarettes smoking or chewing gum. I was a member of Dystonic Inc., and they were great, but Howard Thiel and his assistant had to shut down the organization. I am lost! I feel comfortable around ST'rs. Where do I go next for support? I enjoy going to ST symposiums. Can you help? Thanks, Dorothy

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