SOS! How to protect scars/prevent painful rubbing! TKR

Posted by babette @babette, Nov 3, 2018

Ever since my knee replacement 3 months ago my scar drives me nuts. It wasn't bad in the summer when I could wear shorts or dresses but pants or tights are driving me and my raised scar nuts! Am I missing something great at the pharmacy? Some kind of bandage (an ace is way too rough) Help! And many thanks.

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@babette This sounds sooo uncomfortable. i didn't have that kind of discomfort with my TKR scar. Has your orthopedic surgeon offered any options? I'm going to tag some people in this group who have had TKRs… to see if they can share advice from their own experience: @melcpa86, @amberpep, and @contentandwell. Meantime, I'm hoping you get some relief.


@babette @debbraw I never had a problem with my scar/incision after either TKR, and they were done by different doctors. Do you have very sensitive skin? It sounds as if some nerves must be involved, but it would seem to me that nerves would be involved with any incision. Other than that I can’t think of what could be causing your discomfort. If you haven’t spoken to your doctor about this perhaps you should, he may be able to prescribe some type of cream or ointment that will have a numbing effect until you are fully healed. If you do speak to your doctor please let us know what he or she says.


Did your Dr prescribe Gabapentin? It is for nerve pain, which it sounds like you have. My Doc has me on it for 6 weeks post op.


My GP prescribed amitriptyline at night for nerve type pain, this also helps you sleep which is an added bonus. I have to wear tights for work , this is still jolly uncomfortable after 7 months. Even slight brushing of the knee against something causes pain around the scar region.
My physio advises desensitising the area by gently massaging different textures around the area, ie towel, tissue, toothbrush etc. I haven't tried the toothbrush yet!


@gator1965 Ugh! I love to wear tights in winter but absolutely cannot. I discovered knee high tights, tres sexy, not. I'm 4 months out and still have a very sensitive scar. The only thing that numbs it somewhat is Aspercreme. My PT also suggested the using a towel to desensitize, but I cannot imagine using a toothbrush! Ouch!

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