Sores on torso and arms after multi-year use of Xalkori (crizotinib)?

Posted by dedehans @dedehans, Mar 18 5:50am

I have been on Xalkori for 8 years now and it has kept me in remission so far. Unfortunately I seem to be getting some side effects now, IE I am breaking out in itchy sores all over my torso and upper arms. Drs have said it looks like exema and given me multiple things to put on these eruptions but they don't work at all. Hot showers tend to make it all itch and blister more. I ask about this here as I read that this could be a side effect from the xalkori (crizinitinib) and wondered if any here have experienced this too.

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My dermaatologist confirmed the rash not cancerous looking and has advised me to go back on the steroid cream (triamincinolone acetonide ) and try cerave anti itch lotion. She says to put it in the refridgerator as the cool with be soothing. I shall give it a try.

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