Persistent sore throat (3 years): Could it be related to tension?

Posted by msolland @maolland, Jul 14, 2023

Hello! I’ve been struggling with a sore throat for nearly three years now. It gets worse when I talk. It feels like my throat gets tighter and hot as I talk. It hurts in one particular spot when I swallow. I get ear pain, jaw pain and sometimes my lower face feels numb. When I push on the outside of my neck where the hyoid bone is, it hurts in that area. I’ve seen so many doctors I’ve lost count! About 7 ENTs, neurologists, gastroenterologists, voice therapists and many many other doctors and nurse practitioners along the way. I’ve had a fundoplication surgery after a doctor convinced me the issue was acid reflux, it wasn’t. I’ve recently had my lingual tonsils removed, many biopsies taken of my throat and mouth, MRI’s and medication for possible Glossopharyngeal neuralgia but none of those were the problem either. I’ve been disappointed over and over again. My life has been changed by this in ways I never thought possible. It’s effecting my quality of life despite all my efforts. I recently found an article regarding hyoid syndrome. I found this interesting because the symptoms seem to line up with what I’m feeling more than anything I’ve ever found. It isn’t something that seems to be looked into much and I need to know if this could be the possible cause of my pain

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GAD can create terrible stress on the body long term.
Especially neck, muscles which all tie into one. Long term tension, over use and held patterns IS a physical issue.
Anxiety disorders can cause all kinds of musculoskeletal physical issues.

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I’m starting to see all the connections between physical and mental illnesses


I’m starting to see all the connections between physical and mental illnesses

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It’s very common that people don’t make the connection, as it has taken many generations of new teachings to finally get people to understand.

The mind/body connection is real.

Stress= tension

Emotional pain can be just a powerful as physical pain.

There are some back surgeons who will see someone complaining of “low back pain”
and ask them what they are currently going through in life.
Some send their patients to a therapist and miraculously their back pain starts to disappear after they have been taught how to react to stress.

The positive is you see it. Everyone can learn to be more mindful, present and take deep breathes.


I understand you’re in MN, but there’s a place in Boulder, CO that’s part of the Boulder Community Health network called the Center for Mind Body Medicine. Dr. Fanestil is an I rental medicine doc who specializes in physical pain that arises from emotional trauma/stress/anxiety and other events. He works on the fact that the body can have an actual physical reaction to the mental processes we have. The pain is real pain, but can’t be relieved by medication or surgery because there’s no damage to body tissue. Here’s a link to the center

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